Life, Technology, Humor and Expression. Yup that’s everything this blog is all about.

When it comes to the era we live in, I firmly believe these are the most important parameters that we consistently need to remain in touch with.

The Touch Of Life :

I guess its the best place and point where I can tell you why and how I started this blog. I have always loved being creative, and when I say creative, I don’t necessarily mean creative in writing specifically. I define creativity as something that automatically comes out of you through ways you are really good at.tbtuxtlvazs-matthew-henry About

So if you are good at say, public speaking, you in a realistic fashion  you cannot say that you are the best public speaker in the world, but when your public speaking or any skill is mixed with a part of you, when your skill gets a touch of your life I think that’s where Creativity is born and in this zone you are the best in the world and that’s because in this race you are the only one that’s running and no one, even if they want to, can compete with you. May be they can compete with your oratory skill but they just can’t match your Touch of Life. That’s creativity I think.

So one day I was actually feeling very troubled about something and I discussed that with my dad. He gave me a very valuable piece of advice. He told me, actually he asked me,”Shubham, tell me what’s the difference between Algebra and Numerical Methods in Mathematics ?“. I was a bit confused but I still answered ,”Algebra involves variables, the value they hold keep changing, they are not absolute, Numerical methods involves absolute number crunching“. My Dad replied,”Tell me using your own experience in which category life falls“. As soon as I heard this I actually felt a bit relieved. The same situation that you consider daunting, you can find people tackling those situations like a piece of cake, you can also find people who consider that situation as insurmountable, you can see algebra right there. So instead of seeing things or situations linearly I have started becoming an observer of things, and so The Thing About Things was born. That’s why the name of the blog. Because here we focus not on absolutes, but on that thing behind those things our senses perceive, Algebra 🙂

So things was born inside my mind, it materialized in the form of a blog when one of my closest friends gifted me a very unique notebook. The notebook was completely handmade, had plain papers and had very antique looks. While giving it to me, my friend told me, “I know you love writing, so its for your love of writing“. That’s when I the blog materialized :), because of the thing behind the gift :).

The Touch Of Tech :

tbtuxtlvazs-matthew-henry AboutI don’t need to explain you the importance of technology in current times. But the problem I found with the technology boom all around us is, there is so much information, that it becomes overwhelming at times to actually know what new is out there that can make our life easier. Also searching and selecting tech products on the basis of parameters such as budget and performance can be very daunting, maybe not for everyone, but for those who aren’t that tech savvy.

What I just described is nothing but a very small aspect of what this blog actually aims. My main aim and vision here is to help you CREATE TECHNOLOGY. Through dedicated and detailed instructions on embedded systems and electronics I am going to enforce my belief on you 😛 as to how easy it is to create pieces of tech that you can use to make things easy without any big investments. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about electronics, embedded systems or even technology, that’s precisely why I am here.

The Touch Of Expressions :

Now here is where things get really interesting, I don’t consider speech as a very tbtuxtlvazs-matthew-henry Abouteffective form of communication, it forms the basis of communications, yes, it is used for daily transactions and is a very direct form of communication, absolutely, However, we all know how limited the domain of speech can be, what a beautiful painting or a sketch can convey, no amount of words can match that. Hell, your dog cannot speak, but still, just look into its eyes and he will tell you what your best friend wants, actually I think that is exactly why he’s your best friend 😉

This section is for everyone, for me that form of expression is dance and more often than not you will find me expressing myself through my dance videos. Having said that, its not going to be limited to just that, this section will feature beautiful forms of expression from around the world for your entertainment and for your Inspiration more importantly, so that you can find your own unique form of expression and if you have any such talent irrespective of what it is and if you consider THINGS good enough, It will give me unimaginable happiness to feature it on things 🙂


tbtuxtlvazs-matthew-henry AboutI want you to know what my aim is very clearly, its SHARING. When I am posting something related to life, should in no way I want to convey that I am some kind of LIFE GURU, its actually quite the opposite, I am a very imperfect human being who is sharing something which is at my experience level. What I believe is this, if something is not true at your experience level, it is not a reality for you. So you can be assured that whatever is posted, is something which is true to my experience level and not posted for the sake of posting. Having said that, as my aim here is sharing, your inputs on the blog, blog posts, getting connected with you at a personal level is something which is much more important than the blog itself, I just wanted you to know that 🙂

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Having said that, nothing will give me more happiness than that I will gain by knowing you, so feel free to ping me on the contact page 🙂

With Loads Of Love,


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