Building your own PC ? The why’s and what’s that you must definitely know before that !!

PC-BUILD-RF-550x371 Building your own PC ? The why's and what's that you must definitely know before that !!The PC Master Race


Hello !! fellow human (Jedi Voice), “the force is directing you towards building your own pc. Now even if you want to, you cannot stop yourself from building your own custom PC and hence become a proud member of THE PC MASTER RACE”


Go with the force my friend, you do not deny the force :D. Enough of the Star Wars fantasy, Let’s get into it shall we.

Well my friend if you have any kind of doubt as to how, what, why,when,where and which related to building a custom PC believe me we all have them. That is because it is such a seemingly diverse topic with so much information over the internet that it becomes overwhelming at times. And if we look into it, the whole task is nothing but assembling a few pieces of discreet parts together into a larger box. Many find it analogous to assembling a Lego kit.


If it’s like assembling a LEGO kit, why is building your own PC such a challenge ?


That’s precisely the question that jumped into my mind when I started thinking about building my own PC. And ifPC-BUILD-RF-550x371 Building your own PC ? The why's and what's that you must definitely know before that !! you do a little research you will understand why that is. But if you have to go from here to do any more research what good is this blog post, right ?.

So do not worry I am going to guide you through all this confusion. Because I know how confusing things can get while doing this and I am not letting anybody else get confused. I will provide you all my research in the most easy to understand fashion.

But before we go into the HOW we need to go into the WHY of things so that we can have a better clarity of what we actually intend to do. The prime reasons for such information overload is out there can be attributed to but not limited to these factors.


#1 Moore’s Law :


PC-BUILD-RF-550x371 Building your own PC ? The why's and what's that you must definitely know before that !!Well I don’t intend to get any technical on you. So what this law actually states or predicts is that the number of transistors that can be packaged in a given area will continue to increase.

Which just means newer and faster chips will continuously get launched.

See the graph that explains the Law but do not delve too much into it its just for your clarity. So what all this means is when you come to choose a CPU and even if you choose the one with the best specs today, tomorrow another CPU is going to be launched which will be better than what you have today.

Same goes with graphic cards or GPU’s, you can very well choose the best in class GPU today. But very soon that too is going to be outdated. So a very wise choice in terms of budget, compatibility and overall performance need to be made.


#2 Same product multiple brands:


Well I should not say confusing but without any doubt this is one of the area of PC building that offers you many PC-BUILD-RF-550x371 Building your own PC ? The why's and what's that you must definitely know before that !!options. More often than not we keep pondering over the fact as to whether you should choose this product or the other one in the same price range.

The product manufacturer’s just are not making the life easier especially for people like me who focus on optimum performing budget builds.

For example, consider you have decided to go with a graphic card with GTX 750ti chipset.

And as soon as you start browsing for a graphic card on online shops you will have one manufactured by ZOTAC, ASUS, EVGA, MSI, GIGABYTE etc.

Same goes with CPU’s while broadly you only have to choose among Intel and AMD but these two options have multiple sub options and choosing one among them makes your face look like this guy right here.



#3 Increased graphic demands from newer games:


PC-BUILD-RF-550x371 Building your own PC ? The why's and what's that you must definitely know before that !!Now this is nothing new, the graphics and detailing that newer games are offer, keep leaving us in awe and this is precisely is why we wish to build a custom PC.

Because we want the best bang for buck when it comes to performance. Which you just won’t get if you go for a laptop for the same price or a pre­built PC.

So increased graphic demands from games results in increased demands from hardware side.

i.e.. Faster CPU’s, faster RAM’s, more storage, faster storage, faster GPU’s with more VRAM etc. and when there’s demand there has to be supply.

Thus you get a whole myriad of varied products in the categories I mentioned for new builds as well as for upgrades.


#4 Personal preferences:


The whole point of custom PC build is satisfaction. Man, the weird sense of happiness that you will feel when youPC-BUILD-RF-550x371 Building your own PC ? The why's and what's that you must definitely know before that !! actually create something that works is just oddly satisfying. It is like your child who performs like you want him to and is even ready to upgrade himself according to your will :D, Do you need anything else :P.

Now everyone has a different requirement that satisfies him. Some need high end performance. Others are very budget oriented. Some want a general purpose PC. And some intend to have a dedicated gaming rig which very well explains how personal preference leads to variety of builds.

In-fact a very different dimension that people look into I have found are also how the completed build will look. When it comes to parameters, I don’t consider performance as the only parameter when selecting parts.

I think we must be much more broad as to what we want. The most important parameter that I personally consider important are PERFORMANCE, BUDGET, TARGET USAGE & FUTURE UPGRADES.


#5 Miscellaneous:


Apart from these, there are many more reasons.

  • Like shift from console gaming due to its high price and and very low upgrade options.
  • The generalist nature of PC’s, flexibility of PC.
  • Rugged usage in multiplayer options.
  • Decreased maintenance etc.

All this is filling the PC build arena with such diverse PC’s. Taking each one of them won’t be important because I just wished to give you an idea of why there is so much information out there that is confusing you.




What you are going to do next ?


PC-BUILD-RF-550x371 Building your own PC ? The why's and what's that you must definitely know before that !!If you have found so much info over the internet overwhelming and intimidating I want you to stop worrying. Because that is precisely why I am here. With my help and more importantly with your own help I intend to provide you sufficient guidance with which.

You will be able to build a PC without the need of any expert.

All you need to do is follow my upcoming blog posts which will be appended with video tutorials ranging from basics to individual PC part assessment. See what is useful for you among all the posts and use them in builds.

But if you are a beginner I would recommend moving step by step. Its just a one time “Time Investment” and then you will be the PC master.


What I am going to do next to help you building your own PC?


I will post step ­by­ step blog posts describing various parts first and will append YouTube video tutorials for each


and every part in the posts itself. Next I will prepare blog posts and video tutorials using those parts in PC builds. I will even go ahead and post those videos and blog posts on our Facebook page.

So that more and more people can benefit from it. I will try and execute LIVE builds on YouTube but maybe not right away. Because I don’t have that kind of capital right now 😛 (with your love and support very soon maybe I will) .

But till then I will be starting a forum right here on our website where you can share your builds, help other fellow builders build their PC by resolving their various problems through your experience and I will do anything and everything possible within the domain of my possibility to help you make your dream PC.

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Use my affiliate links only and only if you get the best price through my links. If you get better price somewhere else please go ahead and make your purchase from there because at the end I want to see your PC build that will give me more satisfaction.


I will catch you in the next one.


May the force be with you 😀

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