How to express yourself ? Is your tongue the only way ?

.dance-expression-550x367 How to express yourself ? Is your tongue the only way ?It’s a beautiful thing, our five senses. Virtually everything that we know today or express today is actually a manifestation of the perception these senses form in our mind.




So you have had a long hard day at the office and all that you can think of now is getting to your home’s doorstep.

There your beautiful wife would be waiting for you. Keen on asking you how your day was and maybe planting a kiss on your cheeks.

Wait … What ???, It doesn’t happen like that ?, Hey !! at least the kiss part has to be true ?. The kiss that virtually washes off all the tantrums that our unreasonable boss threw at us for the whole damn day. That part has to be true right ?.

No ?.…. Huh !! ….. Oh the humanity, if that isn’t true . I can’t say anything with conviction since I am not married, but a man deserves that.

To all the ladies reading this start doing that. 😀


Assuming that’s true for most cases, the sense of touch, it’s a beautiful thing.




dance-expression-550x367 How to express yourself ? Is your tongue the only way ?

Since your imagination is running so beautifully, you have now entered the house and carefully placed your buttocks on the couch in front of the TV and switched on to watch Downton Abbey and obviously see and hear classy English acts and terms that apparently make you feel classy. Ahh, the sense of seeing and hearing, thou art bliss.





dance-expression-550x367 How to express yourself ? Is your tongue the only way ?

In the name of Robert of the house Baratheon, first of his name, king of the Andals and the first men, lord of the seven kingdoms and protector of the realm, I banish you to seven hells and back if you are watching an English TV series such as Downton Abbey without the king of beverages, THE TEA. Ohh, the smell, Ohh the taste, Ohh the relief.




So we have established the Ahh and the Ohh factor of the senses, but the question is, to what extent should we Ohh dance-expression-550x367 How to express yourself ? Is your tongue the only way ?and Ahh. Are these senses reliable ? Should there be something called balance ?


Now why I am using this word balance is because when it comes to personal experience I have always noticed that If I allowed any of these senses to do what they willed to do I always ended up a victim :P.


Consider the times you ate that extra cheeseburger just because it smelled great and in the morning you had to shriek like a spartan at the bombing station to win that apparent war you had with yourself.

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One day my eyes decided that they need to watch funny cat videos on YouTube and before I knew it, a couple of hours later I was looking at “How to train Cobras that you find in your backyard”


I don’t need to tell you how much trouble this gift of tongue has caused us over the years. Well, tongue is the most destructive. But in general, giving too much into the senses has always caused some or the other trouble for me.




What is expression if not something that is manifested in the form of action as a result of our perception done through these five gateways or senses. The most common form of expression is of course, the art of Speech.




dance-expression-550x367 How to express yourself ? Is your tongue the only way ?It’s funny how elevated level of senses we all have. But the most mesmerizing and satisfying things that we have seen have come in the form of a great painting, a dance, a continuous strum of guitar, a scenic beauty, a dog’s waving tail. All this is nothing but methods how the majority tries to express themselves.

And those things that don’t see, that don’t hear and especially that don’t speak. Meaning to say a form of expression that is beyond the traditional way of expressing stuff.

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I think and I have started to understand that the source of our existence, nature or whatever you call it. It is giving us hints that however pleasurable these senses may seem. To express oneself, the real sense of satisfaction comes  when we try and look beyond them. I think they are exceptional tools for perceiving whatever is around us. BUT the real sense of perception comes when we express whatever is in our hearts through a way of expression that has a touch of Us.


For me that’s DANCE, What’s yours ?

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