The Thing About Carving : Forget Self-help, Let’s Self-create

sculpture-carving-550x367 The Thing About Carving : Forget Self-help, Let's Self-createNote : This post is in continuation to one of my previous post Self-­Destruction or Self-Improvement. So before going further I urge you to go through the post by clicking here.


So in the previous post we discussed about the immensity of “I don’t know”, Finding the strength within to wander as an explorer rather than a hypocrite.

Finding the necessary courage to look at the things the way it is and initiating self­-destruction ourselves in a manner where we destroy what we say we think we know, our notions, beliefs and every BS that we heard from everyone around us or read from a self-help book and consider ourselves at the pinnacle of wisdom.

Why am I saying this is because tomorrow you will pick up a book and learn all that is required to build a car and even start a business of your own by reading all the relevant materials and just the very next day a guy comes and says “I will colonize mars” and to your amazement he takes all the relevant steps necessary from it. Now where are your books ? How will you look at them as self-help tools now ? .

Wearing Limitations,


Understand I am not asking you to stop reading self-help books, read as much as you possibly can, what I sculpture-carving-550x367 The Thing About Carving : Forget Self-help, Let's Self-createam asking you is this; Don’t become a Hello Kitty doll just because you read a book on cats or heard about them anywhere. Read something, hear something and keep it in the accumulatory area of your mind (We in sanskrit call it ‘Manas’).

Because no matter how successful the guy who wrote the book is, there is a big chance that he may not know something that you know. Does this mean whatever he wrote is limited. No and Yes. What I am saying is this, out of all the things that he said or wrote somethings are relevant for you somethings aren’t; as simple as that. Take what is relevant and make it yours and leave the rest.

Is there a chance that you may feel the need to throw the whole book into the dust bin. Hell yeah, baby !!! Be free, nothing absolutely nothing defines you. Learn from everything but don’t get identified with it and limit your boundless possibility.

When Parvathi’s Mother fainted on seeing Her Boyfriend (Shiva btw :P)

So things conspired and Parvathi (the embodiment of nature in Indian culture) fell in love with Shiva. In this culture we have a tradition that the groom sits on a horse and goes to the bride’s home to pick her up at the day of marriage along with the company of dancing and singing friends and relatives. So this was supposed to happen with Shiva as well because hey ! who doesn’t love a party; doesn’t matter even if you are the supreme being.

Twist was just this, Shiva’s party was a little different. Instead of friends and relatives he had ghosts, ghouls, demons, yogis with long hairs wearing just a loincloth and stoned to their wits, vampires, unsatisfied souls, you name it and they were there. Smoke all around, howling all around, weed all around. Sounds like a fun party han ??. What??. Was there a horse or not you ask ? Oh yes there was, its just that it was missing its whole body except from his head.


sculpture-carving-550x367 The Thing About Carving : Forget Self-help, Let's Self-createThe ideal wonderful husband,

Now for a moment just imagine if you were Parvathi’s mother and you saw this wonderful party ?. Without a moment’s thought she fainted. Parvathi ran to Shiva and told him, “Man, I told you not to come like this. I love you because you are untouched by anything and everything, but my parents are very touchy.

Please do something about it”. Shiva said,”I did come like that; its just that these people wanted to come with me and I couldn’t say no to them and someone threw ash and some blood on me, its just increasing my appeal isn’t it; uncultured, wild, uncouth and untouched”.

“Yes”,she said “and I love this form of yours but do you want everyone to faint here?”. Without saying anything Shiva went to the washroom (those times a river or pond was the washroom, hope you got that  😀 ).

And He emerged carved


And when he came back, he was an embodiment of beauty. A radiant man standing tall at 9 feet with chiseled body and bulging arms. Not to mention a shining face and the mind so calm that it reflected the entire universe through his eyes. Parvathi’s mother came out from the state of unconsciousness after this 😀 :P.

So the rituals progressed and at the time of Kanyadaan, Parvathi’s father asked Shiva, “So who are your parents ?” Shiva sat quietly didn’t utter a word. “Which community do you belong to ?”. Still Quiet. ‘What’s your lineage ?’ Quiet.


The Thing About Carving


So what do we learn from all this. Should we become wild and do whatever we like ? No. Should we smear ash on our face on our marriage day and faint everybody. Most definitely No. The reason is this, You are not at the level of Shiva. He is an embodiment of self ­control and discipline.

He is in charge of his body, mind and energy and all the other physical and non­-physical layers. It is not His feelings, emotions and sensations that dictate Him, Its He who dictates them. Not anyone can drink the most deadly poison of the world and keep them in their throat for eternity to be called Neelkanth (One who has a blue throat) .


The only thing we need to learn from this is to pick up a metaphoric scalpel (its a knife like instrument used for operation and cleaning delicate areas by doctors and dentists) and start cleaning ourselves of everything we are not. Shiva became quiet on asking these question about him is because He literally cleared himself of everything he is not by certain practices.

Dropping false Identifications and becoming complete,

He dropped all identifications that limited him, of community,of religion, of parentage, including His mind and body and became free. So use this scalpel and look inside of you and clear out everything that limits you not at a physical level but at the level of understanding and become a boundless possibility.


So the next step after self destruction is what ?. Its literally Nothing. Let things happen now and lets pick up a scalpel and look into ourselves. What is lacking in us, why are we incomplete and are we incomplete or is it just that we think we are incomplete. We all have looked outside to make things right for us and have ended up making ourselves anxious and shaky human beings not to mention we are destroying the planet for our selfish motives. Isn’t it obvious we are looking at the wrong place. Lets pick up the scalpel and start looking inside. There’s nothing wrong outside. It is the way it is supposed to be, it is the inside that is required to be cleansed of certain things.







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