Mystic Diaries : Experiences Of A MahaYogi – Readings #1

MYSTIC-READINGS-550x367 Mystic Diaries : Experiences Of A MahaYogi – Readings #1


Mystic Diaries, Readings #1

What you are going to read in this section may or may not be in the “plane of your understanding and perception”. And therefore accordingly may or may not be relevant to you. So for whom is this section meant for or not meant for.


  1. One who says I know everything and what is true is only that which I see. This section is definitely not for them. I am not saying that these people are wrong. On the contrary I appreciate that you are honest with yourself in the area that anything which isn’t in your experience you refuse to believe.


  1. The one who says I know something but there are somethings I don’t know. This section can open up a whole new world for you where your thirst to know things, (The thirst which I know is there in your heart, faded, yes but still existent.) can multiply to levels you wouldn’t believe and it will take you places.


  1. And the one who says I know nothing. Well these are the limited very limited species of people who are ready to shatter their beliefs of identity. Of religion, of man, of woman, of names, of money, of fame, just to know. These are the people I love with all my heart and this section is completely devoted to us beautiful fools. Because who is ready to say I know nothing just by looking, really looking at a flower or a mountain or in best cases themselves !!! (their body, mind etc.) is the one who is ready for something ……. SOME­THING

Moving Ahead;

Understand this I am never saying these people are right or these people are wrong. No one is wrong and no one is right. It’s just a matter of at which place in your life you stand because what is true, is true for everyone not just for me or you. EVERYONE and anything which is not true for everyone is not true at all.


One thing I can promise you is this. This section will challenge your belief systems as it did mine. Know that I am an engineer and a man of science and when my belief systems were challenged. I became a man of something more, and if you have the courage to drop your preconceived notions and look at reality, please proceed. And if not, dude I have other awesome shit on this blog. Tech, motivation, dance, life hacks you name it.



I saw a man, I saw a man

I saw a man reading a mantra from ancient scripture, just a man reading something,

And then he wasn’t just a man anymore,

Yes he looked like that man I called Dad,

But he wasn’t my Dad anymore,

He was More, He was More



There are things that we understand and there are things that are beyond the perception of our limited senses. Mystic diaries is an effort to try and simplify that which is beyond current level of human experience by looking into the experiences of one who has and is experiencing that which is beyond the limitation of senses.


The Beginning :


It all started when I was just a little kid 3 or 4 years old I guess, well, in reality from the sources I dug up, it all started 1000 years back, yes, you read that right 1000 years back , so are you ready to leave this post considering my first sentence absurd or are you even more interested now ? if you think this is absurd, everything is right with you and if you are even more interested after reading the first sentence Everything is definitely right with you.

But I personally won’t believe this 1000 year thing because that is not in my experience and I don’t want you to believe that either. So it began when I was a kid, and somehow at that age I constantly remained sick, I would get well for sometime and then fever would find me again. Since the doctors had no answers for my chronic sickness, my Mom not my Dad mind you, turned to, well lets just say, a different kind of Doctor to take care of my health. Now don’t start thinking of a tantric or something Lol. A very beautiful human being whose family from generations was involved in activities of human welfare. Henceforth, I was given the necessary treatment and to everyone’s amazement I got well.

When cycles repeated;

Those days we lived in Betul where my dad was posted. So for my treatment I was brought to Pipariya (my paternal home town), where I got well but as soon as I came back to Betul I started getting sick again. So I was brought to Pipariya again where I got well and then when taken back to Betul, hope you got the idea.

Events conspired and my dad was transferred to Itarsi, near Pipariya and we moved to our family home in Pipariya itself. Little did my dad knew what was in store for us.

It is important know here that it wasn’t the first time my Dad came to live here in Pipariya. He was born in Pachmarhi. A hill station and queen of Satpura ranges(about 50 kms from Pipariya. It was also once the hiding place of Adiyogi (More about that later) . So from early childhood he was exposed to nature, mountains and Yogis. All of this coupled with everything perceptible and seemingly imperceptible that came along with it.

It is there where the early seeds of possibly the highest form of human intelligence came into his blood.






To be continued …





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