The Thing About king Cobra : a drug addiction paragraph to propagate drug addiction awareness

king-cobra-550x367 The Thing About king Cobra : a drug addiction paragraph to propagate drug addiction awarenessNow this excerpt on drug addition awareness is different from what you might have heard till now, but bear with me and you will find something that can really help someone in need.

A while ago if someone would have asked me, what my favorite animal was ?. I would have like most people, said, a dog or a cat or maybe if I was feeling a bit specific would have said a Husky (It’s a beautiful dog breed btw).

Very recently while browsing through a research, a very specific animal caught my attention, and yes, its King Cobra. Now don’t go ahead and speculate that I have Cobras roaming around in my backyard,. or that I want a pet Cobra. I am not that stupid, its a deadly animal and meant to be kept in its natural habitat which we as humans are bound to protect. But I don’t shy away from learning anything from everything. Right now you might be wandering where is drug addiction awareness in all this :D. Be patient it’s there 😀

So Many of You like getting Stoned !!!!


king-cobra-550x367 The Thing About king Cobra : a drug addiction paragraph to propagate drug addiction awareness

This post is specially dedicated to all those people who like to get stoned. For those of you who don’t know what getting stoned is; it’s the state that you achieve by ingesting certain external stimuli such as but not limited to weed, ganja, charas, chemical drugs, alcohol and stuff like that. Normally I like to insert humor here and there in my post, but in this one I feel the need to be a bit serious owing to the demand. Ahh screw it, humor always makes things better. Look at this stoned cat



So why do people get Stoned ?


Once I asked one of my friends the same question to which he said, “Ahh, the bliss I feel can’t be explained, you must try it too, you will forget everything”. Honestly speaking I was tempted but I didn’t do it. I have never used any of these things in my life and I am never going to. To this statement, all the people who are involved in all this would say, “Why man ?? You will miss out a great thing in life”. To them I say I won’t do this not because I don’t want to but I won’t do it because of King Cobra


Huh ?? What was that ??


king-cobra-550x367 The Thing About king Cobra : a drug addiction paragraph to propagate drug addiction awarenessThat’s your question right ? See why people do all this is because using these things they are trying to inhibit their senses. Let me tell you there is no such thing as inhibiting your senses, they are trying to inhibit their minds. And they are trying to inhibit it because and only because their mind has become such a nuisance that they wan’t to loose it. Even if that happens for some time and we all know what happens once the effect is over, We have all seen all three parts of movie hangover :P.


Is this a lesson on morality ? You may ask

One thing I would like to make clear is this I am not giving you a lesson of morality that you should do this and not do that. Or getting stoned is wrong and and not doing it is right. I don’t have any authority to do that. Nothing is wrong and nothing is right. Hey, if you find lasting happiness in getting stoned please by all means get stoned like this dog right here and never stop. But for just one moment if you have felt, “Isn’t what I am doing limited ?”, please read on and if not, listen to the puppy in the image.


And now King Cobra …


This beautiful piece of creation has something amazing about it. Do you know a Cobra and some other snakes, king-cobra-550x367 The Thing About king Cobra : a drug addiction paragraph to propagate drug addiction awarenessspecially Cobra, can sense when an earthquake is about to happen at least three or four days prior. You can see them coming out of their holes near mountains when such times come. Cobras see everything as energy and they see and feel it through their whole body. In other words, a Cobra is the world’s most spiritual animal. Surprised ?.

For this reason, you will find a very special place of snakes in world religion or spiritual sciences. Lord Shiva has one of these guys wrapped around his neck. All other God’s in this beautiful Indian culture have their animals below them but He said you (Cobra) do not belong at my feet you belong here on my neck. In Egyptian tombs have you observed signs of snakes here and there and also sometimes on the pharaoh’s crown ?

The takeaway from King Cobra

All this aside if we observe a Cobra closely, and by closely I mean from a safe distance and by a safe distance I mean YouTube :P, we will find that A Cobra is always Intense and the same time its always relaxed except when its survival is under threat, then it becomes a little anxious. In other words, a Cobra, this beautiful, beautiful creature, is ALWAYS STONED and ALWAYS AWARE.

Now tell me honestly don’t you want to be like that.  Aren’t you actually consciously or unconsciously wanting to be like a Cobra when you are ingesting a substance. What you are doing right now is just one half, GETTING STONED and this will kill you. Maybe you will die later after some years like we all will. But know this you are definitely killing yourself and on top of that know this that you are so selfish that you are even killing the people you love by killing yourself. Don’t get dropped to that level, my friend.


The Thing About Getting Stoned without substance …


king-cobra-550x367 The Thing About king Cobra : a drug addiction paragraph to propagate drug addiction awarenessNow your question is how we can do that ?, how can we be stoned and be completely aware all the time because that’s the trophy, that’s the end of problems. Just imagine how productive you will become ?.

First let me burst one bubble of yours, it cannot be done with outside help of substances, these external stimulants you have cautiously hidden in the backpack of yours which nobody checks won’t help. Listen patiently, to achieve that level takes a lot of work and devotion on “YOURSELF“, there is a complete yogic procedure to awaken that awareness. However to bring that element into your life at a very basic and rudimentary level doesn’t take much. All that is required is your willingness. I will tell you the procedure now ? and if it doesn’t work you don’t need to come back to read blog post of a liar like me.

My little penny in the pack

What is it that is keeping you alive right now ? Don’t dare of thinking this BS that its your mind. No, its simple things like your breath and your heartbeat. If I take any of these two will you live anymore ?, No. Just realize how utterly fragile and important these two things are. Now take one of them and be conscious that it’s happening.


Meaning to say, do whatever you are doing, dancing, cooking, studying, watching a movie. But for 11 minutes just fall in love with the very reason of your life i.e. breathing/heartbeat. And now see is there any difference in the way your work was executed ?.

Were you able to dance or study a little better or a little more consciously? with little bit more awareness ? If yes, congratulations that’s your first step to being a Cobra.  A lot more is required we will talk about it later but for now I think that’s sufficient.

Rising above your limitations:

Now some very intelligent people will say we get stoned because even Shiva gets stoned. To all these people I say you are so intelligent to observe this. But not so aware of the chemistry Shiva has. Do you in your wildest dreams think your body, mind and energy are at a level of the Yoga/Zen master of all time ?. If no, drop your BS and stop destroying your life with ignorance. And If by any chance you have the same chemistry as Shiva, well you can then drink the deadliest poison in the world and keep it in your throat  no problems then.

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So to all those who say to me I am missing out on something because I don’t get stoned. To all of them I say I am more than happy in sacrificing SOMETHING for EVERYTHING

I hope this small insight would have instilled some thoughts in you. Hope it will create a drug addition awareness among st people who are suffering from it.

Please do share it with someone who may be in need of it. I know its not much. Its just like a drop in the ocean but its just that I do not underestimate a drop. A drop is an ocean by itself.





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