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Just Stop …. I know what you are thinking. As soon as you see this guy’s image and as soon as you read the word love, I know precisely how the beautiful brain of yours is syncing things up, and I also know what person is popping inside your head. In my personal opinion my friend, lets just stop doing that and sometimes leave them alone. Yes, they are great at what they do. Yes, they are famous and you know what else they are – Humans :D. Anushka going to her film promotion event wherein she is asked “What’s her favorite sport?”. That’s downright painful to me. Imagine how painful it would be to her. Let’s just not do that. Do you like seeing me in pain ?. 😛

So what do I mean ?

Coming right into the topic “Love”. In this post I won’t be touching the most touched aspect of love. Let’s keep that for another post shall we ? and talk about an aspect of love which probably you might have felt but never realized of what that actually was. So if I ask a few people about what is it they admire about Virat, I am sure to get answers like “Oh my God, He’s so cute !!!!!(in high pitched voice which only bats can hear)”, “The class in batting that he exhibits !!”, “Man, his tattoo is dope!!”,”His ability to give it back to opposition ummph ummph (that was air fisting if you were wondering)” Some might go ahead and say,”His ability to absorb pressure and perform”. Well, all true, now allow me to put my penny into the pot.

Virat’s Interview

I was once watching one of his interviews and he said something in lines of “I know as a cricketer you have a small career so when I go out there I see every challenge as an opportunity and try to give the best shot“. And in yet another interview I heard him saying, note that since I am not Sheldon Cooper, these are not his exact words but as close as non-sheldonly possible to what he said “When I am batting, a challenge pushes me to perform even better because when I am batting I am” and I quote “The most in touch with myself“.

Dayyumn Bruh Thaz Deep :O

If you deeply observe what he consciously or may be unknowingly said, it is a very powerful statement. How you ask ?. Let’s understand; all of us have watched one of his many innings, when the target to chase was high and we all doubted whether India would achieve it, and this guy gracefully outsmarted Sharmaji who kept on saying “Aray inse nai banne(they won’t make it)”. My question is how ? How can a person made of same flesh and bones like me and you, not just absorb pressure but can also convert that pressure into performance ?.

Mathematics ?? Not again 🙁

With normal people things are inversely proportional, “More pressure,less performance” but here we see a guy that has self-adjustments such that things are directly proportional “More pressure, more performance”. Leave Virat for a moment, has there been any moment in your life when you were under tremendous pressure and had your backs against a wall and precisely at that moment you gave the performance of a lifetime. I as a dancer have felt that many times, my best performances have come at times when I actually forgot myself or I was in some other place inside me where I had nothing to loose.

The other Virat’s !!

Elon Musk, in his biography it is mentioned that he had five consecutive failed rocket launches and was on a point where bankruptcy was the least of his worries and what do you know his sixth launch was successful and not just that the very next day he got an offer from NASA. Are you getting the point ?. I want to talk about Mohammad Ali but if I keep doing that you will start throwing stones at me to get to the freaking point ?. Wait, what !! you can’t do that *blink *blink.

The thing about Love !!

So this proves if you and me are made of same material as these guys which we obviously are, unless you are from some other galaxy (and if you are please tell me more about area 51 :P), there is a state inside of us, there is a place inside of us where things are directly proportional, and don’t fool yourself by saying these guys have not seen tough times. My main question still remains unanswered, How to achieve that state because basically, my fellow human being, isn’t that the ultimate solution to every life problem ?. You feel pressure when studying for an exam ?, good, more pressure more performance. You have a little problem in your relationship, good, more the pressure even more will you love the other guy/girl. You fear going on stage, good, even better would be your speech.

The way I think we can do that is getting in touch with something permanent, a power source inside of us from which the more you extract the more you get, you see directly proportional. How you reach that place, man that’s the best part, Virat found that place through batting, Elon I am hoping through indomitable will,one hermit found that by sitting alone in himalayas for years, another person found it through a sound that came in silence. It means there is a conclusive junction where one can reach through a million different path decided on basis of wait for it …. HIS/HER CHOICE. And when we reach that point how can we not be in the most purest aspect of love, the one were expectations cease to exist and things become directly proportional.

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