The Thing About Scope


spyglass-550x550 The Thing About ScopeYou do remember Jack Sparrow’s dialo …..  Captain Jack Sparrow’s dialogue, Jeez its like he’s sitting inside my head, “Not all treasure is silver and gold mate”. I bet as soon as this sentence was spoken from the witty Jack, there was a little kick inside your head that sounded like “Dayyum Bruh … Tha’s Deep” and just before assimilating this thought your marvelous mind threw another voice that said “Hey..Look at that… How cold my nose is.”

If this happened with you, you are not alone mate. Well, now that we have acknowledged how easily can our beautiful mind reject what’s deep or tough over the coldness of our nose let’s take a trip down the memory lane and understand, if all treasure is not silver and gold what is. As soon as we throw this question amongst a group of young adults, we definitely are going to get some very good answers. Some will say happiness is the biggest treasure, some will say the people around us are the biggest treasures, obviously answer will vary from person to person but all answers are true no doubt about that.

Now comes the biggest twist we all have such kind of honest and deep answers, however when it comes to practical situations we are all ready to run after a treasure that doesn’t even come close to what honest notions we have, not to say that there’s anything wrong with that but what I have come to realize is action manifests in its truest form when what we think, what we say and what we do are in sync.

My fellow human, allow me to quote me an example from my life which I am sure everyone can relate to, how often have you told a kid which major in college should he pick ?. Once, twice, thrice?. I personally have no account of how many times I may have suggested a major to a ready-to-go-college teenager and boy did I like it, giving words of wisdom to a gullible bloke has a certain kick to it and who doesn’t like to give some good old advise right ?.

Now when I was a ready-to-go-teenager, I too found a good number of such wise guys who told me, “Hey take this major because it has a lot of SCOPE”, “No, do not take that major because it doesn’t have a lot of SCOPE”.Funnily enough no two of these supposedly wise guys had an opinion that had the same SCOPE. Fortunately or unfortunately I “got picked” for a major which at that time when I told people about it, they were like “Dayyum bruh !! You picked a wrong major” which I now realize is actually a very good choice of a major.

Running towards a major that has a lot of SCOPE if we think about it, where will it lead us ? Will it lead us to an exciting place or will it lead us to a place where we will find a lot of Hey Bruh !!! dudes running towards the same SCOPE. I know a guy, who knows a guy who has this backbone problem and has physiotherapy to help him with it, this physiotherapist dude when asked how did he come by his major he responded that he has a major in Computers. Booooooom Right ? I know, I know.

This guy had a major in computers and when he saw how computers are taking place of handkerchiefs he realized the future is filled with crooked back dudes who can let go of their pants in public but just won’t let the computers out of their sight. So he went back had some very basic physiotherapist thingy training and today he just waits for his phone to ring to fix these backs and he is apparently very good at it, now this is service that gives you bucks and backs right :P.

And I suppose all of us have heard of that one guy who just by managing trash from households in a dingy store is earning big bucks as we sit on our couches eating chilly cheeseburgers and worrying about first, which game of thrones character is going to be killed next and second, what to do about the trash in which your cheeseburger came in.

So as always The Thing about Scope is that do not just follow scope or to put it in a better way start picking up fields of practice that is very close to what your answer would be when asked “What’s your treasure ?“. Do not just pick a subject if you are already pursuing a major if given options just because someone else is taking it or because there was a fancy advertise on TV showing a monkey juggling balls, who took that major. Take into account your definition of treasure, your strengths, your flexibility, and whether you would be able to absorb it and okay, okay and the end you can think a little bit about the potential idea of SCOPE.

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