Self-Improvement Or Self-Destruction ? Which one is better ?

self-improvement-550x367 Self-Improvement Or Self-Destruction ? Which one is better ?So how many conflicts did you have today ? With whom you ask ?. Well, anyone or anything. I had a lot of them with everyone and everything :D. You, I am hoping had them too maybe with your wife, colleague, your Dog ?. Come on who has a conflict with their dog, haan, its one of the very relaxing aspects of life. You had a great day and when you come home your dog says, “hey you’re home, you’re home ? how was your day ? Let me lick you !!”. If you had a bad day, you come home and your dog still says, “hey you’re home, you’re home ? how was your day ? Let me lick the bejesus out of you !!”. So lets keep your dog aside and lets take everything else.

Source of conflicts;


I think all of us know how a conflict ends but what we must understand is the source of conflict is always one, always self-improvement-550x367 Self-Improvement Or Self-Destruction ? Which one is better ?and always one and that is “I believe this and you believe that”. And the resentment in conflicts arises only because of this “I want you to believe what I believe”. Isn’t this the source of every conflict ranging from household conflicts to conflicts between rival countries ? We hold what we believe so tightly, so tightly that if we don’t impose what we believe into someone else’s belief we become so insecure to the extent that we are ready to be violent. In a house we don’t become violent because of this sense of belonging with the other person restricts us. But when you go outside people are ready for bloodshed just because “you belong to that community and I belong to this”.

Conclusion Of Conflicts;


self-improvement-550x367 Self-Improvement Or Self-Destruction ? Which one is better ?Though the source of conflict is just one it ends in many different ways depending on people involved. Lets not discuss those ways because all of us have been in conflicts but lets please discuss one very weird and very common conclusion that people come to and that is “Everyone has their own opinion, you can continue to believe that I will continue to believe this”, In other words “Let’s agree to disagree”, In other words, “Hey we both know we are just a couple of egoist jerks lets hold on to our own ego and call it a day”. My question is this how do you end up feeling after arriving at this conclusion, isn’t there a sense of lack knowing that what you have arrived at is not meaningful.

The Thing About Self­-Destruction over Self-improvement;


So am I telling you to not stand your ground and become a pushover ? No. Am I telling you to become a dictator ? No. All I am requesting you is this. Why don’t you bring down all of your goddamn self created preconceived notions, beliefs and philosophies down. With self-improvement means you are open to changes which is good.

But it will still lead to collecting some more beliefs. Self-destruction means nothing of the old non-sense remains. You are a fresh piece of life, unaffected by your past. And you have the capability to look at every situation afresh.

Every moment is a new and fresh moment;

Why is there this stupid insecurity in you that you need to believe something so that you mean something. Do youself-improvement-550x367 Self-Improvement Or Self-Destruction ? Which one is better ? know out of all the research that science has done, still science has never seen an atom, yes that’s right never seen an atom in its entirety. Forget about an atom just pick a flower from your nearest garden and look at it.


Don’t associate a motive behind looking; just look at it without prejudice without any of your stupid beliefs and if you are a little bit sensitive you will realize how little you know.

All the degrees you have and all the A grades that you have attained in your school and you will realize you don’t even know that why flower is the way it is, yes you may know the mechanics that it comes out of ground from a seed but how and why is it the way it is ? why plants grow why this flower is like this why not like something else ? and then look at yourself, in this ever expanding cosmos filled with infinite galaxies you are not even the size of a micro­speck !!! Does that loosen up your belief system, your anger, your notions, your petty conflicts ?

Breezing through conflicts untouched;

This is what I mean by Self­-destruction, understanding the immensity of “I don’t know” and dropping all our non­sense. Now having this perspective in mind I urge you to get into conflicts and your opinions will have a whole other level, where you think is important to fight for your opinions you will be a full bloodied warrior and where you think you need to just keep quiet you will be gentle and peaceful like a swan. In other words, you will exist as a response and not as a reaction.


Don’t think I am trying to demotivate you infact its just the other way around, the whole cosmos, though its vast compared to us and we are not even a micro­speck in its comparison but what we must realize is this, that we and this whole cosmos is just a play of five elements. The elements with which you are made up of the whole cosmos is made up of the same material.

So is it possible to attain a homogeneity wherein we do something so that we dissolve and get converted into this cosmos just like a sugar cube gets converted into a glass of water on dissolving after self­-destruction. All that we actually need is a little bit of I don’t know. 🙂

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