The Thing About Systems

royalty-free-joker The Thing About Systems

Mind works in complex mysterious ways, it encounters something, then it encounters something else or remembers something from the past and before you know it, it is creating an amalgam of all these encounters with how you see everything  and creates your own perception of reality.

That was a lot of words right, I know, I do that sometimes, anyways look at it this way, you see a movie, Hey now !! don’t start imagining a mellow soft one, imagine the one that creates a wave of intense emotion or passion in you, yes right something in the lines of Southpaw, The Blind Side, Coach Carter or Fight Club. You get the idea right, Now observe what happens afterwards, if you are a human and not a robot I bet you get filled with all these surge of emotions. I ask you What are these surges of emotions ?. If you are watching it with someone say a friend, you go like “Man!! Incredible stuff, Did you like that part where Brad Pitt gets the shit beat out of him by Lou, and still convinces him to let his group use the basement  for the purposes of the club”. Now observe what your brain just did; It saw something intense and exciting and it related it with something personal to you,yes just you not your friend, not your mom or your mom’s mom or the girl you find attractive, something personal related to only YOU and made you remember the scene when by the way almost all the scenes in that movie were out of this world. But you know what the funny thing is, for the life of you, you won’t be able to relate why that scene was the one that hit you. This is what social stigma does, it has the power to turn something you consider important into utterly unimportant, to put in a more professional way, It gets turned to crap.

Now consider you are watching the movie alone.Now ,now, now !!!! you get this whole mess of things racing in your mind from the times you got ridiculed on being creative, for daring to say something everyone considered too funny to be true, some issue your government is not paying attention to, something the so called “SYSTEM” considered idiotic while you think its right in your bones or when your boss told you to keep the presentation strictly according to the company’s format not the way YOU consider creative when all you wanted was to stick the presentation up his, well lets just say somewhere not so comfortable.

Now you my passion driven, able bodied friend what were these surges ? Were they just emotions or were they something else ?  Did you feel like challenging and fighting for what you consider important to you, your career, your ideas, your business start-up, the government ,or, or, or, or, wait for it ……..”THE SYSTEM” or did you just got up from your bed, went to the fridge drank some Poly-juice potion, converted yourself into someone else and went into dreamless sleep (Avada Kedavra to all those who don’t know what Poly-Juice potion is).

Now coming to the picture at the top of this post, Yes our favorite Mr. Joker. If you have seen this movie and I mean, Why Soooo SSSSerioussly seen it, there is a part of you that can’t help but relate how some of the stuff that he said is an untainted fact in its truest form.”If you are good at something, never do it for free”, the one where he says “I am like a dog chasing cars, I wouldn’t know what I would do if I caught one”,”It’s not about money,it’s about sending a message” to name a few.

There’s this established order that resides in our society. The very old “Sharma Ji Ka Beta Mentality”,”Dekh usne ye kiya chal tu bhi kar”. The whole education system which should supposedly act as a guide that pushes the students to discover the unique thing that makes them special or enable them to discover what makes them tick instead acts as scissors to their imagination for gaining numbers in subjects they don’t like to ultimately create an Army of Engineers or Doctors; And then  We the very propagators of this “Natural order” or “System” sit on our chairs in front of our TV’s and complain about why the country with a population of billions can only get a couple of medals at Olympics, at the same time snatching color pens from our child’s hands and scolding for drawing on walls when he through his right, should be given a plain white sheet and some more color pens.

There’s safety in ignorance, there’s comfort in acceptance, there’s absence of turbulence in “A System” but you know what else is there, A feeling of Sick Desperation.

There’s passion in you, follow it,there’s a dream in you, pursue it, there’s idea in you explore it, there are questions in you,then seek answers to them, you feel something is wrong, raise your voice and earn respect, you want to get things done, get over yourselves and do it. You want to express yourself and you are good at singing, dare to form a Song of your own and share it on Social sites, you are good at sketching and you wanna show protest for something, instead of expressing your frustration on public properties and causing damages to people create a Sketch and express your sentiment. It is you who has the power to create governments and bring them down, realize it, if there’s something good put up by the government show your support towards it. If there’s something that you feel is wrong show your protest in a very peaceful and social way using your own talents of creativity, writing,singing or any such ways or else keep quiet and be okay while making a fool of yourselves. Do or don’t do, the choice is yours, it always has been.

Choose not to ignore the surges that excite you, for you feel alive only in those moments of self-reflection and rush, when all illusions of safety have left you,when the very essence of your being is filled with a purpose and you can sense it in every vein of yours, when you are left with You, Just YOU. As Tyler Duren puts it,”It’s only when you have lost everything are you free to do anything”.

So the Thing about things, related to systems is, break open your belief systems of safety, introduce a little anarchy, upset the natural order within you and feel alive, feel a little chaotic, see a little clearer and you do know the thing about Chaos right. It’s _____. 🙂

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