Let’s start things with something very simple, a question that none of us can escape from, a question that we bound to answer atleast once in our lifetime, which is “What can you tell me about yourselves ?” which also can be rephrased to “Tell me something about yourselves” or “Describe yourselves” etc.

Now what happens immediately after this, we start talking so much about who we are, what we have done, what a wise piece of gentlemen cracker we are, where have we so “diligently” worked, how we are an “actor”, “a dancer”, “singer”,”guitarist”,”marketing consultant”, and no no there is no either or here, we are all of this and we are all of this and more simultaneously. Yes there are people like Michael Jackson, Kishore Kumar, Beethoven who basically devoted all of their life doing just one thing and still manage to say at last that they actually know very little about what they have been doing. But we, hey we are better right, we are a combination of all these people and more.

Well, jokes aside, I think a person must be very versatile in his outlook because that is the only way you come across as an interesting and a hoot guy. But again this  post is not about how you answer that question, because all over the internet you can find answers to that. This post is about something else. The beauty of Questions. You see all of these things that you are going to tell the interviewer or any other person in general, you are telling it because you are asked a simple question. Let’s go a step ahead and see what happens after this, depending on how you answered your question, your way of expression, your facts, your qualities, how deep as a person you are the interviewer gets satisfied to varying degrees.

See what happened here, in all of the crap I just said the only two things I want you to take are QUESTION and SATISFACTION. You know what the main problem is, Well, I speak for myself here, you may or may not have the same shit like me, as soon as I get a question, whether someone asks me or even if I ask it myself, something from inside me wants to answer it immediately and I mean IMMEDIATELY, something wants to settle this disturbance or conflict that came in the form of a question immediately and for me this has caused me so many problems. When I introspected this when I assimilated what was happening, this was one of the main reasons why I sometimes couldn’t solve very simple life problems. Why do we not want to stay with the conflicts ?. All of us know in the past also there have been problems much bigger than what we may be facing right now but we are here aren’t we ?.

This is I believe the root cause of so many conflicts inside of us. The decreased patience wherein we are not ready to stay with our questions and assimilate. The funny thing is technology is not at all helping us in this regard. Yes you can see your family on the press of a button, you can have things to eat on the press of a button but be very much aware SKYNET was created like this only, one day someone said I don’t even want to press a button and on the very next day he found a TERMINATOR standing in the front of his house funnily enough not wearing anything.

But you get my point right, the way I feel we can do this or atleast how I have started doing this is, I have realized the bigger and the tougher the question is even bigger is the coming satisfaction so what I do is as soon as I am hit with a question I take a pause when the question is asked by someone else before answering, and believe me I am able to frame my answers even better. When It comes to questions that rise from inside me, note that these are even tougher questions and I just can’t wait to live with them because when they get answered, and they do get answered there is a peace to it that I have never found by viewing some video on YouTube on my iPad, I am just kidding I don’t have an iPad.

One of these questions that rose inside me pertained to the Ancient Indian Maharishis and Yogis. We all have definitely at some point of our life heard about these ancient, brilliant Vedic people who were able to, without any kind of food or water, survive for years at a stretch. Some were able to sit under water for periods not humanly possible, I will go ahead at my own risk and say this there were some Mahayogi’s who could act like human radios, that means they would act as transmitters when they wanted to convey something to someone not close to them and the other Mahayogi would act as a receiver to receive what was being sent.  All of this sounds ridiculous right. It should, because we as a generation are questioners and questioning everything is I feel the biggest step towards effective leadership. So I questioned how is that possible ? and oddly enough I came across this book by Shri Paramhansa Yogananda called THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI.

What this book made me realize is that these Mahayogi’s were actually self-realized personalities who were in unison with nature or they were involved in YOG, to put in a better way. Yoga is not just an activity in which we twist our body in weird angles. Very simply put it is an art where our breath, our body, our mind gets synced with nature. These people through methods of self realization practiced this science of syncing with nature and do all the seemingly mystical things that kept people in awe. I would suggest anyone who has ever had the same questions as me to give this book a read, you are definitely going to fall in love with it. The best thing is, the book is very cheap around 83 Rs INR when this post is written. I will leave the links below so that you can purchase it.

The other reason why this book brought me utter peace is I too live in one such places in India where these kinds of Mahayogi are still in practice. A beautiful hill station called Pachmarhi, in the lap of Satpura Hills in Madhya Pradesh, India.

What made this book even more satisfying and strengthened my faith is I am the son of one such Mahayogi 🙂

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