The Thing About Not Doing Something

transcendence-morgan-freeman1-550x367 The Thing About Not Doing SomethingSo right about now you might be trying to relate the title and the Sir Morgan Freeman aren’t you ? So did you succeed ? Ok, ok I get it you are trying. Carry on.

A few minutes later …

Any Luck ? No. Well, don’t bother. Why, you ask ? Because my fellow human you do not need a reason to post a picture of the voice of God, do you ? Let’s be honest, everyone of us want our life story to be described by this guy to the world when we take a one way ticket to the beyond :P.

Anyhoo, on a serious note with just a pinch of humor, What does our face look like when we are confused and afraid and unsure and tensed about doing something ?

Get it, get it ? There we go, the same expression which our beloved Mr. Freeman is so gracefully expressing. Haven’t we at some point gotten terribly pumped up about doing something and started doing that with full energy as if we were the sole flag bearer, leading a civilization to places only we know for a complete period of two weeks, or one week or in some cases (I am talking about me here) two days. You hear that ? Two freakin’ days.

Why do we give up, is the question ? Why do we fail to remain consistent ?  Why do we not persist ?. My fellow human what I have found out with my personal experience and with what I have observed is that, it all comes down to these three things. Feelings, Emotions and Excuses.

Let’s talk about the good ol’ feelings for a while. Suppose you are sitting in a fast food restaurant and you order a double cheeseburger, mmm … you can imagine the melted cheese just forming those wires connecting your lips with the burger when you take that bite, the soft layer of deep fried and crunchy vegetable cutlet sitting beautifully on lettuce. Right ? Right ? and can you also here a little voice, yes yes that voice; listen carefully which is very softly saying “A moment on the lips and forever on the hips”. What is that voice ?  and does it sound surprisingly similar Morgan Freeman’s. Hey if that voice is like that of this guy you know who’s speaking right ?

Consider another case you are talking to your girlfriend and suddenly your double cheese burger stashed stomach orders you to hit the pot. You can’t hang up because it’s your girlfriend on the other side not your Mom and obviously you cannot discard the voice of nature, and you such a wise piece of wisdom cake you are, you decided to take your phone at the bombing station. And now so many things happen at once, there is a juggle, there’s loss of control, there’s mayhem and then like a carefully yet notoriously aimed shot that brings Michael Jordan’s three pointers to a world of shame your phone hits the hoop. There is a PUDIP !! sound and suddenly you are so heavy with some kind of feelings which are painfully similar to when you did not complete the homework of the meanest teacher  of your high school and everything goes in slow motion. What are you going to do ? Are you going to pick it up? Is there a sound similar to Morgan Freeman ?


Hey Roger, Now lets get into the emotions lane, Shall we ?. We all have faced that one salesman who by praising the cute little mole on the nose of your kid convinced you that he can pull a pigeon out of your pocket. And at the end all he was left with was your hard earned bucks(pigeon) and what you were left with is a shitty pocket. Also remember that one day when your little daughter suddenly fell ill and despite the clouding emotions you took her to the hospital.

And man, if we had a dime for every time we made an excuse. Think about this what if the brave soldiers safeguarding our nation at those borders at minus 40 degree Celsius, the names of places we haven’t even heard about suddenly decide not to be there just because they weren’t in the mood.

So when these feelings, emotions and excuses, I will call them FME :P, because why not, are so temporary and the outcomes are so contradictory should we make decisions solely on the basis of them.

So the Thing About Doing or Not Doing Something is simple if after a lot of thought and I mean a lot of thought we decide to do something. If feelings are good we do it, if feelings are not good we still do it. If emotions are good we do it and if at that point emotions are not so good we still do it and excuses are well, excuses are like your cell phone you have one today and tomorrow you will have a bigger and better one, so let’s keep them because who doesn’t love a bigger cell phone right and you still do it 🙂

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