So you think you have a broken spirit ? Boy you must be crazy !!

broken-spirit-550x351 So you think you have a broken spirit ? Boy you must be crazy !!So a while back I was researching this one very famous website. And I couldn’t believe how often I came across these two words “broken spirit”. And every time I saw these words. I gotta tell you, I laughed. I laughed so hard once, that my dog came by to check if everything was right with me. So I patted him on the back and he went ahead to doing his dog things again.

Now If you are reading this because you have recently gone through some turmoil, I can understand your predicament. But in about 15 minutes I will make you realize the stupidity in this “broken spirit” concept and leave you utterly inspired. Is that a promise. Well, no ? It’s just plain white sense. The only thing that is missing in all this breaking spirit thingy. So am I the guy who will give you solace. No.

I am the brutal assassin who will give you the solution. 

What all things can break ?

Let’s first understand this very simple thing. I ask you from your very own sense and logic. Tell me what are the broken-spirit-550x351 So you think you have a broken spirit ? Boy you must be crazy !!things that can break. This device in which you are reading all this non-sense, can we break that ? Yes. What about your coffee mug ? Can that be broken ? Yes. Oh what about the watch which your grandma gave you. Oh that can also be broken ?, seems like I am propagating breaking stuff that matters :D. Don’t go about breaking things okay :D. This is not that kind of post where you break things. That post comes afterwards 😀

So what do we understand from here. Anything that we can touch or see can be broken. Are you still here ? Cool. See your spirit is strong :D. Simplifying it even more, can we say that anything that is physical can be broken. Yes ? Excellent.

The stupidity of Broken Spirit ?

Let’s talk about spirit now. Tell me have your ever touched your spirit ?. hmm ?. Have you ever tasted your spirit ? broken-spirit-550x351 So you think you have a broken spirit ? Boy you must be crazy !!Smelled it ?. No? Heard it ?. Oh come on you might have seen it otherwise how can a wise man or woman like you conclude that his or spirit is broken ?.

So that’s the whole problem you know. Assumptions.

So when something is not in your living experience, why do you make conclusions out of it.

We are so quick in assuming things that we don’t know. Am I saying that there is no such thing as spirit or soul or whatever ?. No. All I am saying is just this. I know that anything that is physical is always limited, including our mind and the body.

Mind as we know right now is just a garbage bin of all the social non-sense we go through each day. Because whatever you can think right now is just two things. Memory and Imagination. Memory is just recycled non-sense and Imagination is the movie that you show to yourself and be anxious. You are the producer, editor and director of the movie and the sole viewer.   Neither of them have any existential relevance. So what you think is also limited.

So what the hell is this Spirit ?

Well, honestly, I don’t know. If you have experienced it either you must be crazy or you must be enlightened. If you are the latter I want to meet you. And If you are the former ? Why don’t you just subscribe to my blog and we will see what can be done :D. Just kidding.

The most important thing to understand here is that when we talk about things that are not in our living experience. To put it very bluntly, it amounts to lying.

Allow me to rephrase this once again, I am not denying the existence of spirit or whatever.  I am just saying when we say spirit or soul we are talking about a dimension that is not physical in physical terms. It’s like measuring volume of milk that you have in your refrigerator with a scale.

The one thing that I definitely know!! 

I don’t know a lot. But I definitely know this one thing. There is an intelligence and a competence inside each one of broken-spirit-550x351 So you think you have a broken spirit ? Boy you must be crazy !!us that is capable of converting a piece of bread into a human being.

I want to get the depth of this statement. When you ingest a piece of bread. Do you control the digestive system. The immense soup of chemicals that secrete from your stomach lining?. The juices from your pancreas, liver etc?. All this individually complicated systems are also coordinated with tremendous amounts of signals from your brain and nervous system. And a million other things all happening simultaneously at any point of time.

Are you doing it or does it happen?. Obviously there is an advanced competence inside you, inside each one of us that is coordinating all this systems. No matter how advanced you are in biology, no matter how many PhDs you have. If you are real honest with yourself. You know that there is a dimension you cannot fit into logic in all this.

Enter : the brutal assassin

Now, you, my  fellow broken spirited human. Do you think, in your limited raw information oriented thought

broken-spirit-550x351 So you think you have a broken spirit ? Boy you must be crazy !!process, you can break this intelligence?.

Think about it, doesn’t matter if you are joyful or miserable. Your life process as such is always on. Whatever you have collected in your process of growing up inside your head, which anyone just comes and shakes by the way. The raw,  uncivilized,  untainted by your thinking the process as such is always on. Ever heard the saying, “Life goes on”. It’s one of the very limited number quotes that I like.

At my own risk, let me say it, I know I should not be saying it. But what the hell. Even after death it’s on.

Sync your database with “life” not the Monkey Mind

So Yes, your house can break, your car can break, your precious glass sculpture that your mother’s paternal aunt’s uncle twice removed, you can even break that if you want. But when talking about the raw, wild, uncivilized life in you. If you say that this life throbbing inside you can be broken. Dude you’re crazy!!.

What? What did you just ask?  Can hearts break ?. Dude it’s made of some rubber like substance. You can compress it, not break it.

It doesn’t matter if your business fails, it doesn’t matter if your love fails and it just doesn’t matter if you wanted something but it didn’t happen. Truth is outside situations never happen 100 percent the way we want it,because there are too many factors involved.

Still the “life” within you is always on and you can always respond to it. Always always always. It’s time we understand that we are just life which has been given a body and a mind. And if we are in sync with this amazing continuous process. Every challenge becomes an adventure of its own. We become a full bloodied response to life not mere compulsive reactions.

Let’s sync ourselves with this life not our minds which is a big fat fool. I hope you might have understood that by now. It’s says one thing today and tomorrow something else. Let’s sync ourselves with this raw life.

Your spirit cannot break. You cannot be broken. Time to get off your ass and explore your wonderful possibilities.



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