What is freedom ?

Freedom-550x366 What is freedom ?The funny thing about complexities of life is you never know when you will get slapped right in the face with something so simple that all your “complexities” will come down like a house of cards. Well, I very recently got slapped like that and believe me it was a beautiful pain. The simple thing that happened was a question.

This one person asked a hermit, “Gurudev, I think a lot and because of that I get troubled sometimes, so how do I stop this mind chatter ?”. The hermit took a pause, smiled and answered with a question,”Tell me something, You think because You exist ? or you exist because you think ?”. The man was in deep thought just like you are right now and then he was suddenly slapped with a beautiful realization; well just like you are right now :P.

Now there is something very soothing that we can take away from here. What we think in our minds, is something that we have picked up during the process of growing up through our senses and through our experiences. Then how can we actually be something that we have picked up in this journey.We exist despite what we think and always have been, which indicates that we aren’t governed by anything, neither with what others think about us because again that’s the same crap that they have picked up and are proudly displaying it like some kind of newly released McDonald’s burger nor by what we continuously think and trouble ourselves with.

We are sufficient irrespective of what we think, because We exist; that is why We think. We do not try and stop our mind, we just become a silent observer. Silently watching our thoughts like a movie and not becoming one with them because we just cannot be what we have picked up; think about it, like I do not become a bottle opener if I find one lying on the street, do I ?, I just use it to open a bottle.

The best thing about being like this is now no one can challenge our beliefs because we do not have any beliefs. What we have and what we are in touch with, is reality and what we are now is just plain, untainted, unpolarized “us“. Just like we used to be when we were kids, unafraid and ready to eat everything we get our hands on :P.

So the Thing about Freedom is we do not need to be free, we are and always have been free we are not slave to our thoughts, we have just picked them along the way and we are happy with and without them because who knows maybe one day we may need to open a bottle with the found bottle-opener.  😀

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